Hollywood Sign 1920s

The craft of Hollywood has changed much since its earliest beginnings a century ago. Many names associated with the beginning are long forgotten yet traces of their work can be found today in our current output. They gave us a new kind of magic. The magic of seeing them projected onto a screen before our very eyes that we couldn’t explain. We flocked to the movies week after week for great melodramas, westerns and comedy. It was our entertainment and our joy. We met new and interesting people. Some we loved. Some we learned to hate. Always we went.

There were many good actors and actresses there in the beginning. There was always a plethora of new talent, a talent that grew and became an empire. New faces were found and soon the world would see them.

It wasn’t until the mid-teens and twenties that these unknown people began to become stars. Their names were on the theater marquises and people flocked to see their latest picture. The title didn’t matter, the star did.

There were people we knew not by name but by reputation or by their nick-names. They were powerhouse names that have stood the test of time. It didn’t matter than we couldn’t hear their voices. We didn’t need to. Through their eyes we saw a soul. A small gesture, a tremble of the lips or a magnetizing look were all that we needed. Often we could read their lips and find meanings that were not written across the screen. The day when a single look could tell how an entire day had gone has disappeared. Voice took away an art form that we never found again.

What will follow on this page will be short biographies of American Silent Film Stars. They each had their own strengths that kept them on the top and have allowed their names to be remembered. Some have been forgotten or you know but don’t remember their earliest beginnings. It is my hope, that you will meet many old friends and learn about new ones.

It is true that there are a lot of actors and actresses today that are known but can you tell me how many people have had careers that have lasted ten, twenty, forty years with their names being household words all along? How many of them are known worldwide?

Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet the Silent Screen Actors/Actresses of the past.

Lon Chaney Sr. “The Man of a Thousand Faces”

           Lon Chaney Sr.



Clara Bow – The “It” Girl

Clara Bow

Clara Bow was a flapper who knew how to get what she wanted.



Charlie Chaplin: The Tramp