If you love Classic Hollywood and you love Movie Palaces then you’ll love what is in store for you at the beautiful Art Deco Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, Illinois. For the past two years classic cinema has found a home at the Pickwick with a new series sponsored by the Park Ridge Classic Film Series each season. At the Pickwick movies that were meant to be seen on the Big Screen are once again finding their way back into the daily schedules of Chicagoland citizens. People are starting to take notice and in so doing the Pickwick is experiencing a revival.

Built in 1928, this theater opened its doors to the actress Colleen Moore in Lilac Time. In 2008, on the theater’s 80th Anniversary it once again showed Lilac Time, a film that has since become widely known by the Silent Film community. On hand for the celebration were the Son, Granddaughter and Great Grandson of Colleen Moore. There also was one of the original ushers from that night as well as one of the patrons that saw it 80 years ago. As you can see, going to the Pickwick is not just about going to see a movie, it’s about going to an event.

Since then the theater has seen many changes including new seating that drastically altered the experience and made sitting through a long film cozy and comfy. Sadly it did change the number of seats from approx. 1,400 to 950. Still, people continue to flock and with the help of The Silent Film Society of Chicago which shows 6 films during the summer months on 6 consecutive Thursdays and the Park Ridge Classic Film Series which puts on an extravaganza show once a month during the remaining months- the Pickwick is once again becoming the place to go.

Season 4: 2016/17 Schedule

Season 3:  2015/16 Schedule

Season 2:  2014/15 Schedule