In our Third Season at the beautiful Pickwick Theater we had some wonderful events and some even more wonderful guests. We opened with the classic Hitchcock thriller North By Northwest and closed with one of the best swashbucklers ever made in Captain Blood. Each night was very special as we brought the city of Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicagoland Area some treats that can’t be found anywhere else.


2015/16 Schedule:

May 17, 2016 Captain Blood13124821_10208936517512131_2079833706010385688_n

For our series finale we chose Captain Blood with Errol Flynn. Not only was it a wonderful film to see on the silver screen but we brought Hollywood Royalty to the theater in the form of Rory Flynn (daughter of Errol Flynn) and Taryn Power Greendeer (daughter of Tyrone Power.) We also celebrated Olivia de Havilland’s 100th Birthday that night and there even was a very special reading of one of Olivia’s letters written by Olivia to Rory who read it with enough power to cause a glint in several eyes.

April 21, 2016 Thunderball


Thunderball brought the return of our good friend Colin Clark of the Ian Fleming Society and author Raymond Benson. In the lobby guests discovered the REAL Vulcan Bomber plane used in the filming of the movie. As a treat, free commemorative playing cards were handed out and lucky winners received a free trip to see the Bond storage facility and play in REAL Bond Cars.

March 10, 2016 A Night at the Opera


Who wouldn’t want to join in the rollicking fun brought in by the Marx Brothers? But first, we watched two legends of laughter with a different form of mirth as we enjoyed Laurel and Hardy. That night not a dry eye was to be found and it wasn’t from a sad picture but from the laughs that kept coming in waves. Then of course there was the guest that showed up with a derby and another with a mustache and cigar which just goes to show how much people love to come here and join in on the fun.

February 11, 2016 Citizen Kane


Citizen Kane was brought to life by film historian Michael Dawson who told us much about Wells and the picture that we didn’t know. We learned that Kane didn’t have an easy upbringing and yet he came out on top and to this day is remembered as one of the best movie makers of all time.

January 1, 2016 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


For this special 50th Anniversary screening people were encouraged to choose who they wanted to be. Our Host Matthew C. Hoffman chose to be Blondie. And then there was the prelude music by Jay Warren that gave us that haunting melody by Ennio Morricone. Pure magic.

December 10, 2015 On The Town


Deciding to celebrate Frank Sinatra’s Centennial was easy. What was hard was to decide which of Blue Eye’s movies to show. We settled on On the Town to showcase this multi-talented actor who learned to dance for this film with his buddy Gene Kelly. Together they were magic.

November 12, 2015 Viva Las Vegas


The King of Rock and Roll got his due this year with the lovely Ann-Gargret. They gave us singing, dancing (gyrating) and mirth as the Boy Meets Girl and has trouble trying to make The Lady Love(s) Me work for him. Of course he does and we all leave the theater with a smile on our faces.

October 29, 2015 Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein


To be sure that the family would have a Spook-tacular night we ran a costume contest for the kids and this year they came out in style. Picking the winner was a real chore as the choices were the best yet. In the end everyone came out with a laugh and a chill and success was assured that they would be back for more fun the next month.

September 17, 2015 North By Northwest


The season started Hitchcock and Cary Grant. The team once again showed that they new how to put suspense on the screen and we all watched and waited to see what would happen in anticipation of the world coming to an end. We also learned that you really don’t want to go rock climbing on the faces of the presidents.