Like seasons past we plan on bringing you the very best entertainment. We’ll have guests, prizes and beautifully dressed ladies and gentlemen. We’ll bring you movies you’ve always wanted to see on the Big Screen. We’ll make you laugh and cry and we’ll bring magic to the Pickwick once a month as each screening gets the Red Carpet Treatment it deserves. Don’t forget to tell your friends and bring them along for these very special screenings. You may never get the chance again and you really don’t want to end up kicking yourself. Especially when you could have had the chance to rub elbows with the stars.

New for this season we will now have two show times. There will be a matinee at 2pm and our usual time of 7:30pm. The 2pm matinee will include ONLY, and yes I’m stressing ONLY, a screening of the film. The only way to see our guests and take part in our drawings and all the other fun will be to come to the 7pm screening. We felt that perhaps there were some who were unable to join us at the later time or who had to leave early and missed out on seeing the film. We decided to give those people another option and a second chance to see the film. Of course, if this is one of your favorite movies, we highly encourage you to enjoy yourselves and see the film twice.

-Admission Details-

Due to this added showtime, our prices have changed slightly. We will no longer have a senior rate at the second showing. All tickets bought for the 7 o’clock screening will be the same. As always you can buy your tickets in advance. However, remember that if you buy them on-line there is a $2 sur-charge applied that makes the cost of your ticket the same as if you bought it at the ticket counter at the time you walked through the door. Buying on-line only really serves to reserve your seat. If you would like to save a little money, please go up to the ticket window and buy your ticket before show day. Prices are as follows…


2 PM (Feature Only) All Seats $6

7 PM (Feature + Organist & Guest Appearance) – Day of Show $10 / Advanced $8

2016/17 Schedule:

October  27, 2016 The Creature from the Black Lagoon


September 15, 2016 The Searchers


As usual we love to bring treats to our fans with something special. This September we bring you a big screen Western starring the man who made the western an institution for decades. John Wayne comes to the screen in The Searchers. The Duke will show you how it was and what loyalty to family is all about as he goes on a journey to bring back his own despite hardships, renegade Indians and himself. Nothing can stop a man once he’s set his mind on it and we’ll follow along with him as he endeavors to bring a little girl home again.

I said we had a treat for you. I wasn’t kidding and it’s not a small one either. This is something I know you’ll want to tell your friends about. We’ll have Lana Wood who played Debbie Edwards in The Searchers on our stage September 15 to tell you who the Duke was, what it was like to make this picture and to talk about her Hollywood career which included being a BOND GIRL!!! That’s RIGHT!!! We’ll have BOND GIRL Plenty O’Toole from Diamonds Are Forever on stage!!! So do come and do spread the word around. This is going to be a BIG show.