In this world there are a million possibilities for things to go wrong. Conversely, there are a million possibilities for things to go right. There for, we have a 50-50 chance of things going our way. Those chances can be changed in our favor if we work hard and strive to do our best in everything we do.

During our lives we each have or will meet a person who unselfishly will help us. Sometimes we need more help than others and there will always be that person who becomes our own personal hero. My mother fell on Wacker Drive in Chicago years ago, breaking her wrist in several places and two men where there to pick her up and see that she got onto her train (several blocks away.) for myself I’ve had a flat tire and had a good Samaritan help me change it. Another time, my family was broke down on the expressway and had what I’d call an angel on earth help us. They saw us from the wrong side of the road and came back for us. When they discovered that neither we nor they had the tools required, they left us and came back with them.

Many of these heroes go unsung. They are forgotten and with that forgotten memory, is the thought to be a hero. When you see someone in need, how often do you pass them by and leave their fate to someone else? I know I’m guilty of doing this and my only excuse is that I’m a young woman with no giant physical strength to protect me if the person I attempt to help turns out to be a bad person. There are others like me who do the same thing but there are still others who will stop and help. These people deserve the title Hero. What follows are some real accounts that have been published in the paper in recent months. Each is different and each gives us hope that if we should ever find ourselves in these terrible predicaments, there will be someone out there to help us.

Rescued by Hunter After 100 Foot Fall

Man Found After Missing for Four Months in Andes Mountains

Rescued After Being Trapped at the Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for Three Days

On the same topic, here is a Nonfiction book about another real survivor. He survived this and years later wrote  the story. Gripping and frightening are the words to describe this awe inspiring true tale.

Book Review of Trapped at Pearl Harbor: Escape from Battleship Oklahoma by Stephen Bower Young