Have you ever wondered if accidents of old were as crazy as those that happen today? What will follow is the answer to that question in a resounding yes.

Accidents in history happened for a variety of reasons. Some we’ve learned from but most still happen today over and over and over again. They say history repeats itself and after you’ve read what I’ve found, well… how could you disprove it? After all, you’ve probably made a mistake here or there more than once. You have haven’t you? I know I have.

Follow with me on a journey that starts soon. It’s a journey into the yonder of accidents. It’ll be fun. It’ll shock you. It’ll make you question walking out your door ever again.


Sad to say but when I first heard about this tragedy I thought that someone would do it on purpose. I wish I had never thought it but things like this give people ideas with a capital I. What follows is the day the Empire State Building – then the tallest building in the world – was hit by a plane. One lady in the building was very very lucky. Her name, Betty Lou Oliver and her story is what you are about to read.

A Harrowing Fall


This is perhaps one of the strangest reasons for why an airliner would crash. Read on and tell me if you think this could still happen today. I don’t know. I’d tell you more but then you wouldn’t have to read the post and I really don’t want to give the punch line away. Though the title might give you some ideas.

Mic to Death


Ok, you think you know what to expect but do you really? When you go to the rest room somewhere other than your home you think of what might not be right in that room but I bet you never had to deal with this type of trouble. If you were here, we want to hear from you.

Double Toil and Toilet Trouble

Experience the tragic magic of air and water mixed…