Today’s your wedding day, the happiest day of your life. Everything is going great. You feel wonderful and on top of the world. You could do anything.

That’s how William Knight felt the Saturday of December 14, 2013. That night at 11:45 pm he was driving with his new wife when he stopped at the sight of a car stuck in a ditch. Still feeling high and being a true Knight in Shining Armor he stopped to help.

The car’s driver, Linda Darlington, climbed up the embankment to meet him. As they stood there a passenger car hit them both. In a matter of minutes two more cars hit the pair. Both were killed as the new bride watched in horror.

All drivers of the three vehicals were found and issued sobriety tests. None were found guilty of drunk driving and by the next day no one had been arrested.

I would like to tell you that someone was held responsible but the paper never issued an outcome beyond the cut and paste details. To say what happened requires research that may or may not be offer answers.

Source Info Found:
Chicago Tribune
Monday 12-16-13 Section 1, Page 9