As always the new year brings about a time of renewal. We put new plans ahead of us and view what we started on previous years. hopefully we learn from our musings what works and what doesn’t. We know ourselves best so only we can set realistic goes that have a chance of working. It is all up to us.

Writers set different goals. They need different things. We need readers, agents, publicists. Anyone who can help us to be published is an angel. We worship such people. Granted they don’t always do what we want. They sometimes know more than us, if we knew what they did, well… we wouldn’t need them would we?

New Years is a time of allowing our goals to grow. We shouldn’t stunt their growth. This year try to do your best and let others who are helping you have the room they require to do their end. If that happens, this might be the year you were looking for.

Let 2013 be your year. Do what you have to and you’ll soon be watching a lucky streak following your name. Just remember be realistic in your goals, stick to them and let it happen.