Clara Bow

Clara Bow was a flapper who knew how to get what she wanted.

What is It? It, is a sparkling personality. It, is a twinkle to the eye and enough energy to light up a city. Clara Bow was the, “It” girl. She had it all and more.

Clara’s life started in Brooklyn, New York where she lived day to day wondering where the next meal would come from. Her father was a waiter in Coney Island and her mother’s health was unstable. As a teen she read movie magazine’s and dreamed of leaving her poverty ridden home for the streets paved of gold.

Her dream became reality when at the age of 16 she entered a movie-fan magazine’s beauty contest and won. Her prize was a bit part in a movie. That was all she needed. One small role led to another and when the independent producer B. P. Schulberg went back to work for Paramount, Bow went with him.

Paramount’s publicity department took one look at the raven-haired twenty-year-old and began molding her into a star. Her hair was bobbed. Her lips were formed into the popular cupid bows and her seeming boundless energy set her on the road to success.

1927 was her best year. The movie It, made her a household name and Wings took the first Academy Award for Best Picture. Clara Bow had arrived. She was the “It” girl. She was the personality for rising stars to emulate.

Sadly her popularity began to wane with the advent of sound and in 1931, she married Rex Bell, a cowboy star. She left Hollywood behind to live on his ranch in Nevada. Bell became lieutenant governor of Nevada and Bow officially retired in 1933.

A List of Her Most Memorable Rolls:

Down to the Sea in Ships (1923)
Two Can Play (1926)
It (1927)
Children of Divorce (1927)
Wings (1927)