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Distracted Living is a book of Chicago, a book of finding one’s true self and of learning that sometimes others come first. Written in a classic witty form, Eileen Lynch leads us from the bustle of Chicago’s busy downtown district to the slower carefree pace of Albuquerque, New Mexico and back.
Cilla Perkins is a self-absorbed woman who lives the law of the electronic age. Her cell phone is permanently stuck to her hand until a car accident by text sends her before a judge. Now she must teach a class on cell phone etiquette. Her six-week journey with her students yields much and she soon finds her life changed by her class just as much her students do.
Distracted Living is Mainstream Fiction at its finest. The style is easy to follow and the characters are more than real. We know them, understand them and feel that they have become our friends.
Join the journey. “Put your cell phone down and pick up your life,” as Cilla says. She has a point. After all, if you were playing with your cell phone you wouldn’t have time to read this book or even this review.

Enjoy Eileen Lynch, “The Musical Writer.”

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Start the New Year Right!

So the New Year is here. Father Time has been rolled back a little more and it’s time to decide what you want for this year. You have a new beginning. Now you just need to figure out what to do with it. There are lots of possibilites.

You might:

* Lose Weight & Exercize More
* Declutter the House
* Save Money

Or you might just:

* Hang Around The House
* Sleep In More
* Do What You Did Last Year

From a writer’s stand point you could write something and publish it this year. No you don’t have to go through all the channels of traditional publishing. You don’t need to give your right arm as payment to Self-Publish either. You could do what others do and sell it through Amazon or Smashwords or both. They’re both FREE!!!!! Now that wouldn’t be so hard would it?

For this year you could give yourself peace. You had a goal to publish and now you’ve done it. You can relax just a little bit more. You might even be able to make some side money. Who knows what could happen, who could read it or what their reaction could mean for you? Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out? Try it. After all, what could it hurt?

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