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When you think of the great show-biz couple in the days of Radio and early television you might think of George Burns and Gracie Allen. They were known world over and for a real-life couple they made quite a fuss.

I read this book years ago and like one of their radio dramas I couldn’t stop reading. George was quite a man. He had a good business sense and his wife Gracie was a partner in everything. They had a good home life and a good working relationship. They are a couple all couples should strive to be like.

Reading the stories was a joy. George brings to life for the reader an experience, not just a book. It’s real and it makes it all the more wonderful to read. You feel so much love coming from him towards the little woman in his life that you can’t help but wonder how he got around when she was gone.

Read this and see if you don’t feel the same thing. Hollywood can be ruff but if you have a good partner anything is possible.

If you like nonfiction and adventure this is the book for you. Stephen Bower Young writes this true tale that he lived through so well that it sounds like a novel. You feel every emotion that these trapped and all but doomed men feel. You hear the dared for hope as the men gamble in the bowls of the ship whether they will die first by asphyxiation or drown.


Then you travel with the few men who will decide the fate of all as they make a daring trip to the surface to save those that can’t help themselves.

I’ve read many books over the years about real events and none have made me fight more for survival than these men. They were heroes of a different sort that show us what real courage is and make us strive to be more than ordinary. These men fought the battle and won, they’ve earned the title extraordinary.

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