Destruction in a ball of Flickering, Fantastic Flames.


For many towns there is a claim to fame. Though these could all be good things, most often they aren’t.
Fire is the chief source of destruction. It finds its way to the poorest and the riches city’s. At times it is the great equalizer for it does not consider anything to be inferior, least of all, itself.
To that end, we can find small town America on fire anywhere, every day. Some are small and only consume a single house, while others take the whole block, district, town or the countryside.

Chicago and San Francisco are the most well known fires here in America but there are dozens of town fires that are just as interesting that we have never heard of before. While that may not be right, it certainly is true.

You tell me. Have you ever lived in a town that didn’t have a fire in it? Have you heard about the great fire that ate a good portion of the town before rain or stringent firemen were able to put it out? I’m sure you have.


Share those memories with me. Great or small, they all deserve to be told.