To each book a story is told. In the case of Kristin Ottolino, the story is that of her aunt. Nanna was more than a mother’s sister to the impressionable Kristin. Nanna represented a free soul. She might not have had a good home, a good husband or even an enjoyable life but she knew how to change bad to good, inbearible to bearible.

In “Seasons of the Tree,” we learn of a strong woman who touched the lives around her with gentle teachings. Joyously we join in those teachings and once again experiance the innocents of a learning child.

Kristin Ottolino writes in a simple form that at many times reminds us of everyday conversations with loved ones. Page following page we watch a story unwind tht brings a rainbow of emotions. The story is truely touching. Delve into this short read and see for yourself.

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