This truly is a short story. Written in first person, we only know the main character as Maddie. Her boyfriend Jack Ramirez is referred to be his last name the entire time. Sadly neither character is very rounded. We don’t get a clear picture of what they look like nor what the pint sized apartment looks like either.

The whole story begins and ends in the same location. Their plans of quiet and getting it on are both non-existent. Perhaps Ms. Halliday’s feature length novels have more character development. I hope so. I also hope these tow characters are the same in her other books so that readers get to know them. This should be a piece of who they are and her loyal readers already know Maddie and Ramirez, because if this is truly stand alone, it didn’t do it for me.

It’s cute and at times funny but it needs fleshing out to transform it into a romping fun story.