Books like this that at the beginning tell you they are part one in a series of three right away leave the potential reader hoping they’ve found a diamond in the ruff. They want characters they can relate with and situations that are strong enough motivation to read not one but three books to completion to find that satisfying ending. Mike Wells has done just that.

He starts out slow but with enough clues hidden just beneath the surface to keep the reader flipping pages. When the decisive moment comes it doesn’t just drop, rattle and roll; it explodes.

The main character Elaine Brogan has been living under a power keg since before memory. When it blows it’s up to her to pick up the shrapnel and decide what to make of her life. It is a journey that keeps the reader enthused to the last page and on into the next, which happens to be another book plus one more.

It’s a good job done right.