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Some people firmly believe in zombies, some don’t. Either way we know when someone is supposed to be dead. When no one can find a pulse it’s time for the death certificate to be filled out. That happened last month when the coroner filled out the form for Walter Williams.

That was February 27, 2014 and later that day Williams shocked the undertaker when he started kicking from inside his body bag right before he was to be embalmed. The 78-year-old Williams started breathing from inside the blackness of the bag and understandably panicked, as did the undertaker.

Williams had been suffering from an end-stage cardiovascular disease but February 27 was not his day. He still had a few weeks to go. Mr. Williams died Thursday March 13th for the second time in 14 days.

It is always better to error on the side of caution. That is what was done Thursday when a US Airways plane didn’t take off from Philadelphia International Airport on its scheduled trip to Fort Lauderdale.

On its way to take-off the Airbus A320 had a tire blow out. Rather than take off on time and possibly put his 154 passengers and crew at risk upon landing later, the pilot decided to abort the flight. It was a good idea because without its tire the plane’s nose collapsed. No need to imagine what would have happened had the pilot tried to land without the tire. As it stands, there were no serious injuries reported according to a spokesman.

Source: Chicago Tribune Friday March 14, 2014 Section 1, Page 14

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