Imagine yourself relishing the thought of a wonderful vacation on a cruise ship. All the comforts of home but you don’t have to work for them. Imagine all the food you normally couldn’t afford and wouldn’t know how to make if you did. Now imagine entertainment every night with live shows and movies. There will be new people and new faces everywhere and not an enemy in sight. That is what you think of when you think of a cruise but for those on the Carnival cruise liner Triumph it just wasn’t an average cruise. It was the cruise from hell!

To these passengers, their vacation was anything of a triumph. They dreamed of warm sunny days in the Gulf of Mexico. When they were too hot, there was always air conditioning, a far cry from the normal frigid winters in many areas of the U.S. Then, the unexpected happened to change everything.

On February 10, 2013 a fire broke out in one of the engine rooms. Since it was quickly extinguished and no one was hurt, the 4,200 passengers and crew probably thought there wouldn’t be a whole lot of difference to their cruise experience, especially since there were two engines. Their assumptions soon proved to be wrong as there was shared cabling to the two engines and the fire had put that out of commission. The ship was left crippled with only its emergency backup power. They were adrift.

To reach shore, Triumph had to be towed. For five days these once happy passengers were without air conditioning, hot water and possibly more importantly – working bathrooms. Their trip could only be described as an ordeal.

Source Sited: Chicago Tribune, Tuesday,  October 8, 2013