If ever there was a man who didn’t think his plans through, it would be Charles Estell of Chicago. The man must have planned for some time to rob the Oak Lawn, Illinios’ Bank of America but I don’t think everything was taken into account.

His idea of entering the vault through the office next door’s air vent made sense. He wore a wig to disguise who he was as well. He even made provisions in case the bank’s employees thought to resist him and so he brought a gun to enforse his plan. All this speaks of purpose and forsight. However, did he take into consideration his body’s frame when he decided to make his speedy ceiling exit? I don’t think so.

Witnesses saw him make his get away. They knew how he left. Terrible for him you might think. In reality this could very well have been lucky for him. Yes he was caught. Yea he’ll probably go to jail for some time but it’s better than what could have happened to him.

Charles became caught hours before the police ever found him. No person grabbed and detained him though. His catcher was the very ceiling that supposedly was his escape route. Poor Charles got himself wedged in the air duct and could’t get out. So what would have happened if people had’t seen him leave via the ceiling? We’ll never know for sure but he might never have left. Charles could have died for the $100,000 he attempted to steal.

So again we see that crime doesn’t pay!