This is what it look like in the package.


This is what it looks like out of the package.


Thumbdrive, flashdrive, memorystick, these are all names for the same thing. They all do the same thing and if you are a computer novice you need to understand why people have one or more of these and why you should too.

Now I don’t want to scare you but things do happen. Computers are made by man and they have nervous breakdowns too. We call these, “Computer Crashes.” If your computer crashes you might lose some or all of the things you have saved on it. While this might not be too bad to someone who rarely uses a computer, the things on them might not be replaceable. Think of the pictures that came attached to emails. You saved the picture on your computer but you didn’t save the email. Now the computer has crashed and died and your pictures are gone forever. You don’t want this to happen to you.

For myself I’ve learned that saving what is on my computer is very important. I save many things on my thumbdrive including: Music, Movies, Pictures and Stories I’ve written.
Imagine with me what would happen if my computer crashed and:
• Over ten years of Stories – lost forever
• My Art Work I spent hours creating – erased
• I’d miss my movies and music but at least those I could get back from the source (though it would take a lot of time to redo it.)

This is why people have thumbdrives. They are small and portable and depending on the number in front to the GB (Gigabite) on the package/unit, they can hold a lot. The bigger the number the more it can hold. These small units make backing up your valuable things easy. Even a beginning computer person can use them and they give the user a calming sense of peace knowing that what they have saved is protected.

To save something onto a thumbdrive simply plug it into the USB port on your computer/laptop.



The computer will find the thumbdrive for you and ask if you’d like to open it and how.
Single left click and highlight the option (Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer), this should be one of the last options. Next single left click the (Ok) button.

Open Thumbdrive
Now you can go to where the file/document is saved on your computer and choose it.
Do this by making a single left click. This will highlight it.

Next right click over the highlighted file/document. A box will come up asking you what you want to do. Choose “Copy,” by doing a single left click.


Next go back to the open window for the thumbdrive. Anywhere that is blank make a single right click.
Again a box will come up and this time you will do a single left click on the choice, “Paste.”

You have successfully saved something to the thumbdrive. To add more, simply follow the same steps until you’ve finished adding to the thumbdrive.

Added Tip: Keep one extra that is used exclusively for bringing articles/media from one place to another. For example, use this thumbdrive to save or bring things to/from your home computer and the one you use at the library or a friend/relative’s house. That way if you loose it, you haven’t lost everything important on it.