As we grew up many of us had fun playing cops and robbers. We got out our guns and had a ball switching it up; some times we played the cop, other times the robber. The more real looking the gun the more envied we were by the other kids in the neighborhood. Today playing with our toys can get us killed.

The family of a boy in Santa Rosa, California found this out October 22, 2013 when their 13-year-old was killed by Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies. The boy had a replica assault rife in his hands when the officers shot him. With all the children these days shooting up schools, these men didn’t stop to ask questions. They shot first and now their office has declined answering questions.

It is sad to think that our children can not grow up in the same safe and natural manner that we did. We knew right from wrong and many of us who played cops and robbers became cops while very few became robbers. Perhaps someday this gentle innocence will return where children will again be safe to play without fear that their play-acting will be taken as true actions.

I weep for this child and his family who lost their child to the terror of modern day living. Children should be allowed to be children. They should grow up gradual and enjoy being outside making up their own games and roll-playing to their hearts contents versus living in the darkness of a house staring at a computer or television screen playing video games.

Source Used:
Chicago Tribune Thursday October 24, 2013 Section 1, Page 22