The day begins anew each day not a midnight, 5 a.m. or even 8 in the morning. The real start of a day is 2:45 in the afternoon. It is the time that school gets out and the sun seems to shine brighter. There is a sweetness on the air as young boys and girls walk out those cold doors that mean rigid rules to the freedom of open spaces.

No longer need they lower their tones. They can now exercise their vocal cords to their hearts content. They may fidget. They can run up and down the block and they can forget every utterance of authority. They can do what they want and when they want (until they get home.)

The grade school student’s life centers on the time when spring break starts and then summer vacation. Each day they peek a look at the clock above their heads. The second hand seems to be stuck and the day drags on with studies they couldn’t care less about. Every second is a day and every day a lifetime. They long for a time when they can do what they dream of.

In the adult world that dream is often stunted and much is replayed from our childhood. Sure, the time the day starts has been lengthened. Now we look to the clock for not 2:45 but 5 in the afternoon. We struggle with boredom and the hopeless strain of knowing that we are doing a menial job we couldn’t care less about and yet see no clear way out of. We wish to go back to the joys of our childhood when all we had to worry about was school. Too bad we didn’t know how grand we had it then. Back then we thought school was evil and having a job like Mom and Dad was heaven.

But what would happen if we discovered that our schooling and our jobs were wonderful things? Would we rejoice or would we sit back and deliberate, question and judge that decision? I think we would but what if we discovered that we didn’t need it to be 5 o’clock somewhere to be happy? Wouldn’t that be worth it?

Let’s try today to go outside and do a little soul searching. Take a walk around the block and see what’s going on. Look inside yourself and think about what you really want to accomplish with your life. If you died tomorrow what would they put on your tombstone? Would it say you were a dreamer – you never did what you wanted to, or would it say you were a hard worker – you did what was expected but didn’t expect to live your life doing it because it wasn’t you?

If you want your stone to say something positive you have to be positive. Don’t look at your job as a drudgery. Look at it as the next step to your goal.Try that for a day, another day, a week, a month and then a year. Watch your attitude of life change and then look back on the year before you started your soul journey and see how much you’ve changed and how much you’ve accomplished. You will find that you can respect yourself more.