So…It’s time to write…You stare at the blank page…You stare some more…Nothing is coming…You’re wasting time, you could be writing. But…You have no ideas…Sigh…

Ok, sit up. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Relax. Mentally reaffirm to yourself that you are a writer and that you’re going to write because now is your writing time.

If you still have no ideas, don’t worry. They are about to come your way. Guys, pick up your news paper. Gals, pick up your magazine. Now look at a picture. For now, don’t read the caption or the story. Now who does that person look like? Who do you think they are? What job do they look like they have? Now write about all the thoughts you just had.

All right. So, nothing happened. Now read the article. Do you agree or disagree? Why? What would you have done differently? What would have happened if that difference were introduced?

If somehow you’re still stuck, pick up a picture of yourself.  What was happening around the time it was taken? What were you feeling? Why? What happened after? Write about this event in full detail first. When that’s done, fictionalize it. See what happens when your character has to deal with the situation. It’s a story now and anything’s possible.

While all writers get the dreaded writers block, they don’t all bow to it. They use tricks like these to break-out. Sometimes, what results is 10 times better than anything they could have planned. Next time you have the block, try these tricks or one of your own tips and see how quickly you’re back on the page. Kick writers block good-bye and welcome finished pieces.

You can do it!