You are in a tugboat that has made its way to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, some 100 feet. By a miracle there is an air pocked and with each passing second you pray that someone will find you before your precious air is gone. That is what Nigerian cook, Harrison Odjegba Okene was doing. For three days he breathed in air and wondered if anyone knew where to find him or if anyone was looking.
Seventy-five miles away Tony Walker and his team of divers where busy working an oil field when they got the message to help. One by one they recovered the bodies of the other eleven men who had been on the Jascon 4. Then, fate led them to Harrison. As the video camera recorded another hand in its sight and the diver reached for it, the hand grasped the diver’s. “There’s a survivor! He’s alive,” the diver yelled as he worked to bring the man freezing in his boxer shorts up from the depths. Shock and awed are we to learn that heroics can be found on even the ocean floor.

Northwest Herald, Wednesday, December 4, 2013 Section A, Page 2