About the Author: Grace Rellie is a high school graduate of Bob Jones University, a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature and the Long Ridge Writer’s Group based in Connecticut. She has been taught the writing craft under the professional guidance of 17 year long veteran editor Constance McAllister of Highlights Magazine and authors Kathryn Jensen and Anne Grant.

She is a member of the Cary Area Writer’s Group based in Illinois, which has its own blog found at cawgs.wordpress.com, of which she occasionally contributes to.

She is interested in all areas of writing and photographic art with which she continues to experiment daily. She also maintains a blog under her pseudonym Grace Rellie, which offers writing advise to novices and encourages the sharing of ideas.

Her vast array of strange and off-track jobs keeps her mind full of story-lines and weird tales yet to be told to the curious ear. Her love of classic movies and radio shows is a quick way of rebooting after a hard day at work.

In her spare time she likes to learn new things and bring aid to those struggling, whether they be a tired person, a lonely dog or a much loved and torn stuffed animal. She likes to read a good book and get lost in other places and other times, hence her wide array of stories.

Email: gracerellie@gmail.com

Website: Gracerellie.wordpress.com