Exiting News!!!!

My short story, “Weekend Wife,” contained in the online ebook anthology “A World of Joy,” was entered into WorldCat.org which is the online card catalog of the worlds libraries. This was done by the Harvard Diggins Library in Harvard, Ill.

They also printed the book out and entered it into the library’s system. Due to copyright laws differing from ebook and paper bound, the printed copy is not available for checkout but is held in the area’s history section and is considered the same type of library matter as a reference book.

On the library website when you look the book up they have placed a link where the prospective reader can download the book for themselves. The library itself has downloaded a copy to each of their Barnes & Noble Nook’s (e-reader.)

Every place you go you meet wonderful people who work hard to make your day nice. These people are part of that bunch.